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We consult and supply products and services in Petrochemical, Power Generation and Marines Industries to leading companies

Since its birth in 1996, Intekma has stood for progress and possibilities.  Currently, it’s looking forward to an even brighter future, a future of growth at home and abroad.

Intekma’s present and future services encompass Predictive Maintenance Engineering, e.g. Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Tribology, In-Situ Balancing, Alignment, Maintenance Services in Mechanical Engineering, supply of CBM manpower and tools (analyzers), supply of parts and spares to oil and gas, power, cement industries in Malaysia to create value-added products for customers around the world.  We will build success through the passion, dedication and innovation of our people.  Furthermore, we will build a brighter future through and unwavering commitment to quality, operational excellence and sustainability,

Formulated to perform and tackle CBM projects in a thoroughly professional manner, Intekma utilizes the experience and resourcefulness of its personnel to find an innovative solutions to various problems. By offering clients, integrated capabilites, Intekma has the personnel and equipment required to undertake both, large or small scale projects in any field relating to Predictive Maintenance, Maintenance Services and/or multi-disciplined engineering packages. All of these indicate the new possibilities and potential not only for Intekma, but also our customers, partners, employees and environment.

Service List

CBM Consultation

Vibration Database Review / Consultation

CBM Service/Manpower

Vibration Probe Installation


CBM Training/Certification

Experiences / Past Projects