The VIBRO-LASER VLPAT™ & VLPAT II™ (Pulley Alignment Tool) are the easiest, quickest, and most accurate laser belt and sheave alignment systems available. Stop using a straight edge to “precision align” your belts and sheaves. Our VLPAT™ family of tools has saved countless belts and bearings through  the use of our unique visual laser TruAlign™ technology.


Sealing IP 67 (water and dust)
Weight .39kg
Dimensions 144mmx171mmx15mm
Laser Class II 635nm Red 532nm Green less than 1mw
Operating Distance 50′
Resolution 40 Arc Minute
Operating Temp -14° F to +140° F (-20° C to +60° C)
Battery System 2 AAA Included – 10 Hours Continuous Use
Line Width +/-1/16″/30″
Accuracy +/-1/16″/10ft. (+/-1.5mm/3m)
Beam Spread 60″/3′