VIBRO-LASER manufactures and integrates resource-saving and energy-efficient measuring systems that help to increase productivity and profitability.

We put ideas into actions via best technological solutions and make it more user-friendly and better for manufacture.


VIBRO-LASER 5M has an ergonomic design and is made of high-impact ABS-plastic, making it light weight.

This product offers an absolutely innovative, step-by-step, responsive interface with 3D-animation and a wide seven-inch touch screen which simplifies the operator’s work and reduces the time of work. Moreover, thanks to the unique memory management system you can stop the alignment, save the current data and continue it anytime.

VIBRO-LASER 5M has a smart power control system, that means you can work with it for up to 8 hours. Furthermore, thanks to the ”Quick-charge” option, you can charge for 80% battery in just 30 min.


Sensor Units

In the VIBRO-LASER 5M sensor units the latest digital data processing technology is used.

Sensor units have CCD-detectors of 30 mm. This provides you with exact and stable measuring results and allows the system to be more interference-immune from the external factors (stray light, vibration, heat flow and etc.).

Thanks to the compact and durable aluminum case of the sensor units, you can work even in the most confined space. Large CCD-detector also excludes ”rough alignment” system that significantly reduces the time of work.



Material ABS-plastic
Weight 900 gr
Case dimensions 200 mm х 178 mm х 36 mm
Display Color TFT with back light
Display size 7″ diagonal
Display resolution 800х400 pixels
External interface 2 RS-485 1 USB
Operating time Up to 8 hours in the general mode
Quick charging time 30 min for 80% volume
Full charging time 1 hour


Material Anodized aluminium
Dimensions  70 mm х 56 mm х 50 mm
Lazer radiation  Diode laser with laser wavelength 635 mm, class II
Lazer power   < 1 mW
Measurement distance  Up to 10 m
Detector length  30 mm
Detector type Digital – CCD detector
Detector resolution  0,001 mm
Measurement accuracy  0,3% ± 7um
Inclinometer  0.1