Turbomachinery has become prominent in this ever rapid development of engineering era as they are crucially needed in making power plant producing electricity, oil rigs to propel their drilling equipment and etc. The performance of the aforementioned machinery could not be more perfect with the presence of vibration analyst, a specialist who will monitor and maintain those machineries to stay at their utmost efficiencies. By being one of the analysts, skills and experiences are playing the critical roles in analysing and monitoring the conditions of the machinery while the engineering world is lacking of capable and certified candidates in executing these important tasks.

With proper guidance and training which both of them will aid the candidate to become a certified and competent vibration analyst by receiving accredited certification, Intekma Engineering Services and Trading Sdn. Bhd(IESTSB). associated with Mobius Institute would like to investing upon ONE talented candidate this year in becoming an expert in vibration through enrolment of Category I, II and III Vibration courses.


Mobius Institute

Mobius Institute Category I, II and III Vibration Analyst Training (whichever applicable)

MIBoc Cert

MIBoC Certification Examinations for Category I, II and III Certification according to ISO 18436.

IESTSB would love to sponsor ONE candidate who has the following traits:

Have a concrete reason why he/she is the most deserving candidate amongst the rest of the applicant.

  • Passionate to become a practicing vibration analyst.
  • Visionary of being employed in the field of vibration analysis.
  • Be able to comprehend English.

The fortunate candidate will be privileged with the following sponsorship:

  1. Full Course Fees
  2. Full Exam Fees
  3. Travelling allowance up to RM 300, and
  4. Lodging allowance of RM 100 per day for 5 days.

*If the candidate is subjected to re-sit the examination, the recurrence cost will not be covered under this sponsorship

Potential candidates can download the scholarship form here. The completed form shall be submitted to the address shown below:

Intekma Engineering Services & Trading Sdn. Bhd.

PT 8411, 1st Floor, Taman Bunga Raya

Bt 49, Jalan Paka

23000 Dungun



The form can be emailed to: under the subject of ‘SCHOLARSHIP’. The qualified candidates will be called for interview sessions and the decision is final. The successful ONE will be informed via email or phone call.

~ Chances favour the brave~